Between You and Me - Emma McLaughlin, Nicola Kraus
My Rating - 4 Stars

*I received a digital copy of this novel free from Netgalley on behalf of Atria Books*

No matter what you may claim, we all love to follow the lives of celebs. We love to see some succeed and others to fail. Sometimes we are such fans we get actually emotional when something happens to one of them (Um, still not over the death of Heath Ledger or Kurt Cobain). Sometimes we revel in their failure or what we assume is failure. We judge them, most of the time probably really unfairly. We don’t actually know what goes on behind closed doors. We only see what their people let through or what the paps accidentally uncover (generally only one side of a story or what they twist
into a story).

Logan Wade has a famous cousin, Kelsey. As kids they were inseparable but after an accident that Logan can’t quite remember but landed her in the hospital, Kelsey’s family left and she turned into a star.

About 15 years later, Kelsey is one of the biggest music stars in the world (Think Britney Spears). Logan lives in NYC with a lazy roommate, a job that sounded better on paper and occasionally has a “boyfriend”. Kelsey’s current assistant, Delia (another cousin) calls Logan out of the blue and invites her to LA. Logan accepts eager to get away from the city after a crappy birthday celebration.

Logan is almost immediately thrust into the weirdness of celebrity. Kelsey’s parents, Andy and Michelle are strange. Kelsey has someone watching her 24/7. The house is huge. There’s a personal chief. Logan finds out that she’s really only there to soften to blow of the new that Kelsey’s long-time ex (Think Justin Timberlake) is getting engaged.

Kelsey sneaks out of the house to go to a club (even though she’s 24 years old) and takes Logan with her. There, they meet Aaron (Think Kevin Federline) and Finn. Finn is an assistant to a celebrity that’s very Matthew McConaughey (and hilarious) and he’s a pretty good love interest for Logan. He grounds her a bit.

Anyway, a fight between Delia and Andy ends up with Delia quitting and Logan becoming Kelsey’s new assistant. She’s immediately thrust into the life of a celeb on a European tour. She has to manage bookings and tour buses and interview schedules and a 200+ staff of dancers and crew and style people.

Logan tries really hard but she messes up quite a bit. She does everything possible to make Kelsey safe and happy.

Andy is an abusive, extremely condescending control freak and just a huge asshole. He runs Kelsey into the ground pushing her and pushing her. Michelle is clearly desperately trying to recapture her youth through Kelsey and she designs all of Kesley’s costumes (the ones that make her look like a baby doll hooker). Kelsey wants Logan to not think of her as a job and be her friend but also has her doing everything and anything.

The story is quite similar to Britney Spears’ rise and very dramatic, very public downfall (minus the head shaving). Kelsey marries the backup singer with no job after a short engagement. Though, I have to say Aaron seems like much less of a creepy douche nozzle than K Fed. She divorces said unemployed singer after a short marriage. She has fake friends, parents that push her to the brink, a record label that pushes her almost as much. She has a baby that she can’t take care of (according to the media). Her life completely falls apart and Logan is expected to correct it all, which puts a huge damper on her relationship with Finn.

I devoured this book, seriously. Was part of it my need to see what it’s like in a celeb’s life (even a fake celeb)? Possibly. It brought home the fact that we never really know what’s causing that celeb to act out or turn to drugs or do something incredibly stupid.

I wish there could have been more of a wrap up for the characters but I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick entertaining beach read kind of book. I recommend!

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