Some Quiet Place - Kelsey Sutton
My Rating – 3 Stars

Elizabeth has no emotions. She doesn’t feel happiness or sadness or anger or fear. Over the years she has learned to fake emotions, because a girl that shows no emotions makes people extremely uncomfortable.

Her mother doesn’t love her and blames her for the dysfunction in their family. Her father beats her. She is bullied at school. Yet she moves through life uncaring. She sees these Emotions as they answer summons for the people around her. Some talk to her, some ignore her.

Fear taunts her, or tries to. He sends her visions that would make a normal person go insane. But she feels nothing, not even the slightest tremor. He’s curious about her, he wants to know why she is the way she is.

Elizabeth has the strangest dreams of a girl crying over a boy’s body. She becomes slightly obsessed with these dreams (which…if she has no emotions, she wouldn’t care).

Her only friend is dying and a boy from school is in love with her. Curiosity tells her the boy is important. Elizabeth can feel something dark, an Emotion/Element she’s never felt before. A mysterious woman that has all the answers but can’t tell her anything warns her to stay safe and tries to force her to remember something that Elizabeth has no recollection of because she may need it so survive.

This book has a really interesting plot; a girl that can’t feel emotions for can see them. She talks to them and in the case of Fear; she can have a bit of a crush on them. The idea that Emotions are tangible things on a different plane is really cool to me. I liked Fear and how he was described and characterized. I would totally chill with Fear (umm…as long as he wasn’t sending me visions because I’m a big fat wuss).

However there are two issues with the execution of this awesome plot. 1) A main character with no emotions is very dry and can get boring quickly. 2) It’s impossible to move the plot along without giving the main character some kind of drive which means that they must have some kind of emotion.

Curiosity made her wonder about the dreams and seek out answers and follow the mystery woman and go against her advice. Emotions made her change her behaviors and fake being happy, sad, whatever because of what people thought about her.

I did also put the book down a lot to do other things. The writing was beautiful and descriptive without being overly descriptive but a girl that doesn’t feel anything is just…kinda blah, I hate to say.

Also, this is listed as a series but the book ends things pretty neatly. I can see where more story might develop but overall I think I’m pretty satisfied with it being a standalone novel.

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