Rogue Touch - Christine Woodward
My Rating – 2 Stars

*I received a digital copy of this novel from Netgalley on behalf of Hyperion*

Anna Marie is a good southern girl, who only wants to kiss her friend Cody. If you are at all familiar with the character of Rogue, you know that doesn’t turn out well. Her kiss puts Cody in a coma and Anna Marie discovers that her skin sucks the life out of people. (She experiments on a kitten, which, for the record is a big strike mark in my personal book. I can’t stand animals getting hurt in books/tv/movies, etc.)

So now Anna Marie is on the run. She’s working odd jobs and living off food stamps (which, ok the author got the “new food stamp” name correct but not that they don’t actually use stamps anymore. That’s a small thing I know I know but it’s something that stuck in my mind).

Anyway, she is followed by a mysterious (handsome of course) stranger, James (a.k.a. Touch). He’s dressed up like it’s the middle of a Canadian winter when it’s August in Mississippi. He doesn’t understand simple things, like buying food or how air conditioners work.

When Anna Marie is fired from her job, she gets desperate and breaks into the bakery late one night to take some food. Her ex-boss happens to catch her in the act and touches Anna Marie. Now she has to run again because has she robbed the bakery she put her boss in a coma.

Touch just happens to be rolling by and they escape together, traveling through the country, stealing what they need to survive. Touch dubs Anna Marie as “Rogue” and the romance beings. But Rogue soon learns that not only is she running from the law, Touch is running from something as well. Something possibly not of this world.

Here’s my biggest issue with this book; it has absolutely nothing to do with X-Men. I love Rogue; she is one of my favorite X-Men. The book even got her back story right, up until the part where she runs away. The X-Men aren’t even mentioned. Ok, I get it. They want to appeal to a new audience, draw in a different kind of fan. But I didn’t like it. I feel like there should be something to do with the X-Men in there. (Not even Wolverine. Wolverine is like in every Marvel creation. He’s an Avenger at one point. WOLVERINE.)

Also, I put the book down several times because I lost interest. Most of the book is just description of their travels and how she’s falling in love with Touch but she can’t touch him. “We drove here and ate this and slept here and talked about this but Touch is avoiding so all the talking is really one-sided and I want to touch him and kiss him and bang his brains out but I can’t and I miss Cody.” That’s really the entire middle of the book. Over and over in every chapter.

And the plot/climax/Touch’s origin is kinda like “huh?”

The good thing though, is Rogue is still a pretty awesome character. She kicks some redneck’s ass, fights for what she loves, and she learns how to use some of the powers she absorbs.

If you are new to Marvel characters, you’ll probably like this. However if you are a comic book fan, you are probably not going to like this book.

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