Chosen Ones - Tiffany Truitt
My Rating – 3 Stars

Tess lives in a future where women are evil and humans are weak. America has spilt into sectors and the country is as constant war. Humans failed to win the war and so the government (the Council) took it upon themselves to create perfect super soldiers, or The Chosen Ones (this name bothers me. They aren’t chosen they are made).

The Council (though being humans themselves) force humans to live in compounds and doesn’t allow them to books or music or really anything. Women are considered too emotional and wanton and are (according to the council) basically the downfall of humans (vaginas are evil, yo) and are forced to be servants for the Chosen Ones (or sexual play things, willing or not, which bothers me immensely).

Also, woman can no longer give birth, which is never explained and it apparently happened in the three years between when Tess was born and when her sister was born. I really hope it’s explained in a later book because that’s just so random to me.

Anyhoo, Tess’s older sister has done the stupid thing of falling in love, getting married, and getting pregnant; which ends in her death. Now Tess must take over her sentence at the Chosen Ones training center, Templeton.

The secrets she learns at Templeton about the Council and the Chosen Ones are very disturbing but she also meets James, a Chosen One with a *gasp* flaw! There is a little bit of insta-love but Tess plays hot and cold so much that that Katy Perry song could be her theme song.

Though practically every person she’s ever been closely associated with is a part of the resistance, she is completely unaware of the resistance’s existence. An attack on a new batch of Chosen Ones brings it to her attention but also brings her and her relationship with James to the attention of the Council. Her life is now in danger and they must get her out of the Council’s reach.

This book was okay. It was actually a little confusing, because there is no pretty much no explanation of anything. A lot of questions were raised and I’m hoping they are answered in the second book. James was very bland to me; I didn’t really feel their attraction. Tess feels bipolar and her mood/personality changes are very frustrating to me. I was also confused by the timeline of events that led up to humans being forced to live in the compounds.

The book has its flaws but the plot is interesting. Women are evil and can’t reproduce anymore and the government plans to phase out humans and just have the super soldiers (are they teaching the Chosen Ones how to create more Chosen Ones because the Council is full of old men, they aren’t going to live forever).

I will at least read the next book because I got it from Netgalley and because I need questions answered!

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