Losing Hope  - Colleen Hoover
My Rating – 4 Stars

*I received an advanced digital copy of this novel from Netgalley on behalf of Atria Books*

If you haven’t read Hopeless, this review is going to spoil. So go get that book and read it ASAP and then come back and read this review.

Losing Hope starts out the night before Les killed herself. Holder has found Grayson with another girl and forced him to break up with Les. Holder, canceling plans with friends to stay home with his heartbroken sister comes home and discovers the worst thing a brother can discover; that his twin sister has committed suicide.

When his mom asks him to go into Les’s room to retrieve an outfit for her funeral, he discovers a notebook that was supposed to be used for therapy but remains empty. Holder decides to use the notebook to write Les letters. He writes how mad and upset and how guilt he feels. Not only about her suicide but also about how he still feels guilty for losing Hope all those years ago (he needs a hug. I’ll give him one).

When he gets back to school, everyone is an asshole. They are talking tons of shit about him and Les, wondering when he’s going to breakdown and kill himself, blaming him for Les’s death because of what happened between him and Grayson. His friend Daniel is pretty entertaining and I love how he handles the situation.

And then he comes across the biggest asshole, the one talking about how Les should’ve just toughed it out and Holder snaps. He basically beats this guy almost to death and gets arrested and has to go live with this father. The letters to Les stop during this year that he’s gone, so we don’t really hear about his life in Austin with his dad, except for the fight that caused him to move back with his mom (Which I would have liked to hear more about. The time in Austin, not really the fight).

Once he returns to his mother’s house, the letters to Les start again. Much of the story is told through these letters. I enjoyed that, it was kind of an overview of what was happening and he works out his confusion and feelings in those letters. and And then he meets Sky-that-might-be-Hope and if you’ve read Hopeless (serious, dude, go read it!) you know how it goes from there.

What I liked about this book is it gives a little more insight to Holder. Boy has some serious anger issues but (and this sounds cliché but it’s true) he’s in a lot of pain, mentally. He completely blames himself for Hope’s disappearance. He blames himself for Les, wondering what he missed that caused her so much pain she wanted to end her life.

He loves Sky and knows she’s Hope, but desperately doesn’t want her to be Hope. He wants to love her for just being Sky. He doesn’t want to destroy her life if she is Hope. You heart seriously breaks for him because his mind is a mess.

If you read Hopeless (and why haven’t you?!) you already know the events of the book, so I’m not going to rehash them in the review. Actually, that was the only thing I didn’t like about the book, was the rehash of scenes from Hopeless. I would have like more of the in-between stuff that wasn’t told in Hopeless. Though the big important scenes had to be in the book, I get that but idk, I just skimmed over everything that was quote for quote from Hopeless.

I highly suggest reading this book if you enjoyed Hopeless. I liked Daniel, I liked Breckin (again) and I liked that you get a little tidbit of insight to their future. You also see him finally come to terms (well as much as one can) with his sister’s death.

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