Easy - Tammara Webber
hmmm. where should i start. this book was ok. it was definitely enjoyable and easy to get into. but i have some issues.

1. it reads like a fic. i felt so much deja vu when reading this, like i've read it before, in a fic. not that its bad, just it was kinda off-putting to me.
2. cowboy boots are not sexy with a hoodie. actually (to me) cowboy boots are not sexy at all, in any way. and i've also never met a guy that has a lip ring that would ever wear cowboy boots.
3. sooooo many cliches.
4. i'm not a big fan of stories where there's a rape plot line with a romance plot line.

while this is a good, quick read; it wasn't worth all the gushing i've read about it in the past few weeks.