Pandemonium - Lauren Oliver
***SPOILERS*** i am not sure what i think about this book. i was so looking forward to it and i was, sadly, disappointed. this book had none of the almost lyrical writing that i love from the first book. i understand the reasoning for that, i suppose. the first book was about her falling in love and chaning her outlook on life and the second was about her new self and the "war". but this book was also SO predictable. obviously we knew she was going to fall in love in the first book or there wouldn't be a series but this was...idk. i knew Julian was going to be her new love. i knew that Alex was going to show up at the last minute. now Alex is going to be the hardened, scorned ex-lover and now there is going to be a love triangle and i was so so hoping that this series was above the love triangle plotline. i guess not. :(