The Woken Gods - Gwenda Bond
My Rating – 3 Stars

*I recieved a digital copy of this novel from Netgalley on behalf of Strange Chemistry*

Another mythology adaptation. Sigh. My kryptonite.


Apparently five years ago humans learned that the gods of all religions are real. They were woken up and now they live among the humans. They live somewhat peacefully with the puny humans. Why? Because the Society of the Sun closed off the god’s access to the afterlife, meaning they can’t come back if killed. And the Society showed off their power by killing an Egyptian god (omg I’ve forgotten which one already).

Kyra has an absent mother and father. Her mother is an oracle who lives on the street and squats with other “unofficial” oracles. She thinks her father is a simple scholar for the society, who would rather spend time studying than with her.

Her father has stolen an important relic and the Society wants it back. The gods want it back too, which has put Kyra in danger. She suddenly has a very important grandfather she never knew about, gods are angry with her, a mythological monster as a guard, and an Oz (a.k.a. a new cute boy interest).

The survival of the entire world may in fact rest on Kyra’s shoulders. Scary.

So the problem with this book was it was just so bland. Kyra doesn’t stand out. None of her friends really stand out. Oz doesn’t even stand out that much. Even though you are in Kyra’s head for most of the book (though there are parts where you go into another character’s POV and I honestly, didn’t like it. Because it was random.) I found that she was just not that interesting of a character. The author tries to paint her as a rebellious teenager, but the worst she really does is spend the night at her friend’s house (she thinks without her dad’s knowledge) or occasionally sneaks out of the house.

Through most of the book, I felt like I was missing something and it was a huge distraction because I kept going back to reread things. The waking of the gods thing was barely explained and it kinda felt like I was coming into the second book of a series. That should have been the book, the Society waking the gods and the immediate aftermath because it seems really important to the story.
The dialogue seemed a bit off, I’m not sure if it was because I had an ARC that wasn’t the final version or what but sometimes there was a response or a comment to something and it made no sense. The banter wasn’t funny either, it felt really forced.

What I did like about the book was the mythology. None of the huge, well known gods were mentioned, (except Set) but there was a lot of talk about lesser known ones and even Loki was mentioned! (Though, clearly not the Tom Hiddleston/comic book Loki that the world is currently in love with). Everyone uses Zeus and Osiris, it was a nice change to have something a little different.

Also, there are no absent parents! Well, there are (Kyra’s parents however that is explained and part of the plot) but her friends parents are there, and they are supportive and when the kids tell them “hey, we need your help” they actually help! That was such a nice change in a YA supernatural type book. Parents that love their children and are actually in their children’s lives.

The relationship between Oz and Kyra was barely there, which was good. It was good because they weren’t falling all over each other in a completely unrealistic way and Kyra was focused on the task at hand, rather than trying to get some guy to kiss her.

It was an okay book. Not that impressed by it but also not completely disappointed. I haven’t found any information to indicate that it’s the first in a series but the way it ends makes me believe there will be more (To be honest, if there aren’t more books and it just ends like that, my rating is going to drop).

When I read a so/so book that is the first in the series, I always hold out hope for the second so I’d be willing to read a sequel to this book.

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