World After  - Susan Ee

Minor Spoilers for the series and the book below.


This series is amazing. Do I really need to say more than that?


If you aren’t reading this series, why?!




Okokok, sorry. I’ll actual review the book instead of trying to bully you into reading.
The book begins pretty much immediately after Angelfall ends. Pen, her mom, and her sister are taken in by the Resistance camp. She has Raffe’s sword, (which omg, the name she gives it, LOVE).


Pen is still trying to deal with her sister’s changes. She flits between thinking of Paige as her baby sister or as a monster. Her mom is still batshit crazy but also crazy perceptive (seriously though Pen is one badass chick, I don’t think she would have gotten so far without her mom’s ideas).


TweedleDum and TweedleDee make brief (but noteworthy and hilarious) appearances. Raffe’s not featured much, which is sad but understandable considering he thinks Pen is dead.


Pen still has his sword, which is pissed off that it is separated from its master and getting stuck in unworthy fights with a puny human. Yes, I’m talking about the sword. Yes, the sword has emotions. It also teaches her sorta how to fight and gives her glimpses of Raffe’s past.


There is more to Paige’s changes than just the ability to walk and the scary ass teeth. This leads them in a bit of a difficult situation with the Resistance. (lol difficult situation. That’s mild) And once again Paige is gone and it’s Pen’s job to find her. Though this time Paige isn’t the disabled little defenseless seven year old. Maybe Pen needs Paige’s help.


During her quest to find Paige, she discovers some of the angel’s evil master plan, sees some more of the horrors they are committing, plans an escape for some prisoners, and is just generally a pain in the angels’ sides.


There were some minor flaws, the book has the same general theme as the first; Paige is missing and Pen has to find her, and the video was too convenient, and there wasn’t enough Raffe! But overall, damn this book is still action packed and violent and gritty and with the same dark humor.


I still flew through it, unable to contain myself! I think one of my favorite parts of the book is Pen is faced with danger and she is trying to be strong and take care of her family but she just wants one tiny moment to be a seventeen year old girl and wonder about the boy (devastatingly handsome angel) that she kissed. Because it doesn’t have to be either/or with female protagonists, she can be badass and a little mushy and still be awesome. I love Pen for that reason (and Susan Ee for creating her!)


Anyways, I highly recommend this series.