Pawn  - Aimee Carter

At the age of seventeen, citizens of America have to take an aptitude test that determines their rank in life. The system is supposed to be to make things equal, people from a low ranked family have their chance to get a higher mark and live a better life.


Kitty fully believes that. She sees the aptitude test as an opportunity that she can rise above her ranks as an Extra in a group home. That she can have a real life with her boyfriend Benjy.


Until she bombs her test and gets a III.


Being labeled a III ruins any kind of future she had planned with Benjy; she’ll have to move from DC to Denver to work in the sewers. She’ll have to leave everyone she knows.


So instead of following the government’s orders, she runs and tries to sell herself into prostitution, so she can stay in the DC area and perhaps save enough to run away with Benjy.


However, a mysterious stranger buys her for an outrageous amount. When she meets this stranger, it turns out to be Prime Minister Daxton Hart and he offers her what she thinks is the greatest deal ever, move up in ranks and never want for anything. She thinks it is to be his mistress, but boy was she wrong.


Her new job is to become Lila Hart, the sweetheart of the Hart family and the face of the rebellion, which may or may not be the reason they need a replacement Lila in the first place. The Harts didn’t get the chance to control Lila the way they wanted and now they have the chance to end the rebellion against them, by controlling Kitty.


But the Harts are also fighting against each other and while one side tries to control Kitty by threatening Benjy, the other sides tries to get her on their side by promising to protect him. She doesn’t know who the trust, almost everyone has an ulterior motive and there are so many secrets Kitty can barely keep them all straight. All she cares about is keeping Benjy safe and she’ll do whatever it takes.


I blew through this book in a day, I couldn’t put it down. I was a fan of Ms. Carter after the Goddess Inheritance Trilogy and I’ve been waiting for this book and I am glad to say I wasn’t disappointed.


It is action packed with a new twist and turn and secret on almost every chapter. It can be a bit much, one secret reveal after another, by the end of the book you feel like you have still don’t have all the answers and you have no idea who you can really trust.

There are a lot of characters to keep straight and sometimes it gets confusing on who is who and what side they are actually on.


There is a hint of a love triangle. Benjy, the boy Kitty loves and would do anything to protect and Knox, Lila’s fiancé that Kitty has to marry to keep up appearances. Honestly, though I did like Benjy, he is a bit bland and I’m almost rooting for Kitty to end up with Knox.


I am so curious about so many things. The aptitude testing, how Kitty received the score that she did, what part Benjy will play in all this (his smarts have to come to some use!), what’s going on with Daxton?!


I think this is a great first book to a new series and I need the next one out now!