Veronica Mars: The First Book in an Original Mystery Series - Rob Thomas, Jennifer Graham

I’ll try to make this an actual review and not just a gushing fangirl review but I make no promises.


This book is a continuation of the movie, and it starts about two months after the movie ended. If you have yet to see the movie, this will spoil some things. 

Veronica is back in Neptune, taking over Mars Investigations while Keith is recovering from his, well, I’m going to call it an accident though it wasn’t. She’s been barely able to pay Mac, let alone the rent. The cases are minor. 

Plus Keith is unhappy with the situation and wishes she would move back to NYC and take her bar exam. This causes Veronica some heartache because she feels like being an investigator is what she was born for. 

Then a girl goes missing at a spring break party. Of course Sheriff Lamb is screwing it up and Veronica is hired by none other than the Neptune Chamber of Commerce to find the girl (not because of any actual worry for the girl, but because a missing girl equals less tourism dollars. This is Neptune after all). The paycheck is huge and it’s pretty much the only way Veronica is going to be able to keep Mars Investigations open.

Veronica dives right in, using all her old tricks (like playing the ditzy blonde girl, a personal favorite of mine because it makes me laugh how easily people fall for it). Wallace and Mac are there to help her when she needs them. 

Just when Veronica is starting to get the clues together on the case, another girl goes missing and she has ties to someone from her past. The investigation takes her into the world of drug cartel families and organized crime. Her life is in danger on more than one occasion. 

Ok so I loved this book! It was just like watching an episode, I even heard the character’s’ voices as I read. Veronica is just as snarky (though I would have preferred a first person narrative, rather than a third, her internal monologue was still brutally honest). She even mentions the pony (Keith just get her a pony already!)

Dick is there and just so HIM, complete with puka shells and eighteen year old girls. Cliff and his way of indirectly helping. Weevil and his worry for Veronica’s safety (which I have always found endearing), and some small appearances by Logan though he is currently far far away. 

Keith’s role is a bit small but Wallace and Mac are featured a lot more which I’m happy about. I’m still waiting on some explanation on why Wallace is a teacher though. And maybe a little bit better explanation on why Logan joined the military. I mean, I’m allllll for Logan walking around in a uniform, but come on Logan being told what to do? I need some more backstory there. 

That stuff aside, I’m so pleased with this book. I can’t wait for more and I hope Veronica does take her bar exam because it’s not going to hurt her job as a PI to take it. My ultimate dream for Veronica is joining the FBI, though I think she might get bored and hate all the red tape. I also need more Logan! Let’s have him home for the next book! 

If you are a Veronica Mars fan, I’m almost positive you will love this book and if you aren't a VMars fan then you better get on that real quick because you are missing out!