Dreams of Gods & Monsters - Laini Taylor

My Rating – 3.75 Stars


This book is the 3rd and final book in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series. This review will contain spoilers.


The end of a beautiful series. 

Here’s the thing, it’s been so long since I read the last book that I forgot a lot of things and struggling to remember small things took me out of the book a bit. So NOT the fault of the author (my own fault. I should have reread) 

Karou has tricked the chimaera rebellion by replacing Thiago, in the hopes that there can be a new future. A future of peace between the chimaera and the seraphim. 

A future with Akiva.

And this future must begin with an agreement of teamwork between the chimaera and the seraphim to bring down Jael. And that goes about as well as you can expect. There is a large amount of tension between the chimaera and the seraphim as they cram together in the caves of Karou’s old tribe. 


Influenced by Razgut, Jael has taken his Dominion soldiers to Earth, in the hope to gain weapons to fight the Stelians. While Jael is trying to gain benefactors; Karou and the others are plotting ways to stop him (while still trying to keep up that act that the White Wolf is not really the White Wolf).

To make matters worse, the Stelian Queen wants to kill Akiva (what?!) and the chimaera bodies that Karou left behind at the Kasbah have been discovered by humans in Morocco. 

Not to mention there is the introduction of a new character, Eliza, who may or may not be a prophet descended from an angel. And a new plotline that has to do with giant monsters that could destroy the seraphim and the chimaera, which are eating away at the veil between worlds.

Honestly, there was too much going on in this book. I felt like the plot of Karou and Akiva starting a new beginning was lost. 

I didn’t care for Eliza (or her arch nemesis Morgan who was a giant sexist douche) and her POV annoyed me for the most part. She didn’t really bring anything to the story. I also felt like her character was left largely unfinished. 

Liraz however, was wonderful and I wish we could have gotten more of her! The turmoil she went through in this book, grieving over her brother, and regret over the things she had done to chimaera. Ziri, as well was a great character that I would have rather had more of. 

There is only one real action scene in this book, and the confrontation you might expect between Jael and everyone else never happens (it goes by the way of Breaking Dawn. A talk. A bit more of a violent and threatening talk but still a talk.)

The tension between Karou and Akiva was beautiful as always however they don’t get the ending they were hoping for. It’s a bittersweet ending that gives us hope rather than a resolution.

Really, there is so much going on in this book that I felt like I have no real idea what it was about. It was about everything. 

That said, I still love this series and while this final book is not as rage inducing as other final books *cough*RequiemandAllegiant*cough* I think it missed its mark a bit.