The Forgotten Ones - Laura   Howard

Allison’s mother, Beth, is schizophrenic and has been since Allison was a child, though her condition has grown worse over the years. Allison blames herself, because she’s under the impression that her mother wasn’t this way before she was born. 

Allison lives a quiet life with her cousin Nicole as her best friend. She rarely socializes, focusing on work, school, and most importantly, her mom. She only wants to be able to properly take care of her mother. 

She even denies herself a relationship that she clearly desires with Ethan, a boy she’s known since they were both children and has loved just about as long. She thinks he’s a player and that dating him will distract her from her goals. He surely tries hard enough to get her to change her mind. 

Strange things begin to happen, her mother’s fits are getting worse and crows had suddenly started showing up in the yard. The strangest is Allison’s father that she’s never met randomly showing up on her doorstep, not looking a day older than Allison’ is herself. 

Liam claims he didn’t even know Allison existed until recently. He also claims to be fae and that he can cure Beth. She doesn’t know whether to believe him but when her mom goes missing, she has no choice but to ask for his help.

I’ve heard a lot about this book, and I’ve had it on Amazon loan since it came out. I have to say that I was ever so slightly disappointed. 

First, we know next to nothing about Allison. We know she has a mom with a mental illness, her cousin is her best friend, and that she crushes hard on Ethan. Other than that? Nothing. We don’t know her interests, what she’s going to grad school for, what she wants to be when she’s done with school. There is a mention that she and Ethan kissed once before and she seemed to regret it but we don’t know why or what happened between then. 

She calls him a player but he pretty much ignores other girls when she’s around. She constantly turns him down so it’s only natural he would date other girls. Overall, Ethan seems pretty nice, though a bit cocky at times. It’s obvious that he’s really into Allison. 

The first half of the book was more like a romance and the second half is where it starts getting into the fantasy. The fae part was pretty interesting, using some Irish mythology. There were a ton of fae secondary characters introduced that I couldn’t keep straight. 

It was really fast paced, but it was under 200 pages. It felt a bit too fast, I felt like Allison accepted things too easily. Also, it just kind of suddenly ends. Based on the ages of the characters (early twenties) it could be a NA book, but it reads more like a YA. 

So why am I giving a 3 Star rating when there seems to be so many flaws? Because FAERIES. I love Faeries. 

Plus, the book did keep me engaged. It’s a quick read, and I will continue the series (more to see how things turn out with Ethan than anything. Lol). There were some things that hopefully will be explained in the next book (which I already bought!).